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"John Emerson of Emerson Interiors was there for every phase, and his involvement in this project was invaluable.  His work is always impeccable and he is a true professional."

Customer in Chelmsford, MA 

"[John] works meticulously, cleanly and efficiently. The finished results are amazing and leave a lasting impression. He is a skilled artistic painter and leaves your home with a superior finish. Beyond John's artistic talents, he is genuinely a nice person. He knows how to listen and interact with clients and values the relationship with them. Many family and friends who have visited our home have commented on the paint jobs and wall coverings he has hung. John's work speaks for itself. I would highly recommend him."
ptselios, Houzz Review 
"I really wanted a crisp, smooth look because I was going all white dove and a high contrast fireplace and they delivered! It looks like new! Pricing was great and I paid exactly what he quoted. One of the best things about Emerson painting is that they were very pleasant to have around my family (4 year old twins) and John managed to charm my unruly dog into being his best friend. We will definitely be hiring him again after our renovations."
lizabeth_lake, Houzz Review
"Everything looks great! The wallpaper job is impeccable, and John even hung in there patiently with us when we received three damaged shipments of wallpaper before finally receiving one that was useable. He has been very responsive to any emails or questions we had along the way. I would absolutely recommend working with Emerson Interiors."

nickd1234, Houzz Review

"John came to our home to paint our kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are thirty years old and had been stained a dark brown when the house was built. John meticulously sanded, primed, and painted our cabinets a beautiful bright white. The results far exceeded my expectations and the transformation was nothing short of amazing. I’m thrilled with the outcome! 
dmh0806, Houzz Review 
"I will be honest and say that I have been using Emerson Interiors for probably 20 years now and I did sway once to another painter and learned my lesson. I find that a worker that is proud of his work is a good worker. If you are in need of an excellent painter or wallpaper hanger, call Emerson Interiors. You will never regret it."
cherylnice, Houzz Review
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