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“Anyone can paint”.


We’d like to think it’s a little more involved than that. Some of the most significant work done with any interior painting project happens before we ever put paint on a brush. Protecting the work area and surface preparation are two of the most important aspects of your painting project. Neglecting these two elements can lead to less than spectacular results.


Protecting your belongings and flooring is the first things we take care of when starting you project. We take pride in our reputation for neatness. Our second task is always surface preparation. Smooth walls and woodwork are key elements to a beautiful painted finish. We take the time to properly repair and caulk any areas that need attention prior to painting any surface. Our attention to detail makes the difference between a paint job that is average... and one that

is amazing.


From lining paper to textures to hand printed papers, we are skilled in the installation of a variety of wallcoverings. Purchasing today’s wallpapers can be an expensive undertaking. We handle each installation with a great deal of attention and care. Farrow and Ball, F. Shumacher, Strohiem and Roman, York and Zoffany are just a few of the paper manufacturers we are

familiar with.



Emerson interiors can transform your existing stained cabinets with a beautiful painted finish. New cabinets can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Using a 4 coat system we can update the look of your cabinets with a durable finish at a fraction of the cost. We can also add a distressed or “antiqued” look to your cabinets. All work is done on site and most kitchens take less than a week to complete.


Using oil-based and acrylic glazes or Venetian plaster we can create a variety of rich textures for your painted surfaces. Different effects can be obtained by employing sea sponges, rags or plastics along with dragging brushes and combs. We work with you to determine the right color combinations and techniques for your project and will provide you with several sample boards to be sure we have the exact look that you had envisioned.

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